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The JavaScript library for modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery.

List A
List B
Group A
Group B
Group C
Code example
// Simple list
var list = document.getElementById("my-ui-list");
new Sortable(list); // That's all.

// Grouping
var foo = document.getElementById("foo");
new Sortable(foo, { group: "omega" });

var bar = document.getElementById("bar");
new Sortable(bar, { group: "omega" });

// Or
var container = document.getElementById("multi");
var sort = new Sortable(container, {
  handle: ".tile__title", // Restricts sort start click/touch to the specified element
  draggable: ".tile", // Specifies which items inside the element should be sortable
  onUpdate: function (evt/**Event*/){
     var item = evt.item; // the current dragged HTMLElement

// ..
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